Heartbreaking real life story in Colombia

84% of Colombia’s children are born outside of marriage, a record in Latin America, according to a global study.

Few countries have experienced this issue in such extreme as Colombia, where thirty-five percent of children age 0-14 live in single-parent families.

It is well-documented that lone-mother households are at the highest risk of poverty amongst women due to lack of income.

This is further exacerbated by deprivation of capabilities and the gender biases present in both Colombian society and government.

The culmination of all these factors in modern day Colombia has resulted in a vicious cycle of emotional, financial and social problems and other stressful life events for both the single mothers and their children.

On February 7th, 2019 Mum leaps 330ft to her death with son, 10, in her arms in horrific murder-suicide ‘after being left homeless.

With the mission to help single mums to have a sustainable income in this very difficult region, HM Global started “Esther Project” which successfully launched in Colombia in April, 2020.

It’s our goal to assist single mother’s in this region to become financially independent and shine His light in a dark place.

Our goal is to help more single mothers by end of 2020. Please partner with us today and make a difference in this nation.

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