Greetings! My name is Dr Richard William.

In 2016, there were 2.3 million people who are incarcerated across the united states.That seems to be a great problem across this nation.

But the bigger problem, according to the world health organization, there are 450 million people across our world that suffer from a mental, physical, emotional and psychological disorder every single day. We have made great strides in science and technology, but we have not been able to solve the simple problem of human emotional struggle.

I received a phone call not too long ago from a dear friend of mine, and he reported to me that his young daughter, who was barely 30 years old, decided to take her life. Upon further investigation, I discovered from him and his wife that this dear young woman struggle from a deep dark pain in her emotion, and in her mind. She sought treatment from various avenues and saw many doctors, but at the end of the day found no solution to the struggles in her human mind. And she decided to make that decision to take her own life.

Upon hearing this story and many other stories like this, My friends, and I decided to start an international workshop called inner restoration.

The goal of inner restoration is quite different from what exists today. There are many organizations that are out there that are trying to help the human condition. They are trying their level best to solve some of the deep struggles within the human emotion. The difference with inner restoration is that with inner restoration, we do not just address those issues that are on the surface, but we go beneath the surface to diagnose the cause of the anxiety, the fear and the negative emotions that these people struggle daily.

Inner restoration is a safe and confidential space where every individual can seek help. The goal of the workshop in inner restoration is to identify emotional mental, psychological wounds, because there are common signs within individuals that are having the struggles. Some of the signs to quickly mention, people who have emotional mental and psychological struggles often tend to be overly sensitive. They tend to have a constant irritability. They also seem to have very little tolerance and they also tend to have an unstable feeling. They have been wounded, they carry a wounded memory that is only buried temporarily. They are unable to turn the page. They have great difficulty to forgive. They have great difficulty to receive love and to show love. They are unable to comprehend that how could someone actually love them? They have bouts of outbursts of anger. And one of the worst case scenario is that they come to a place where they begin to withdraw and isolate themselves from human contact or human communication.

There are five stages in inner restoration. The first stage is called recognizing and awareness. This is where we begin to individualize with every participant, trying to recognize their unique struggle and their unique experience of trauma or their pain that is in their innermost being.

Secondly, we begin to walk them through the face of releasing those wounds. What is the most appropriate measure and method necessary for them to release and to forgive that situation in their past history so that they can begin the process of healing and moving forward?

Thirdly, we teach them how to confront and defeat their own fears. Because on a daily basis, they will have to learn how to defeat and how to contain the struggle in their innermost emotion. And fourthly, we begin to help them to rebuild their inner soul.

What is the soul? A soul is our mind, our emotion, and our will. When a person's soul is bankrupt, an individual has no will to live, has no desire or drive to push, and has no mental capacity to handle the regular strains of life.

In stage four and five, our goal is to renew the new you, the goal of inner restoration is to restore you fully and completely. Because there is no individual like you, you are unique, you are special, you are exceptional.

there will be no more inhibitions, no more fierce, no more worry. You'll be free from the mental, emotional, and psychological anguish that you suffer on a daily basis. What is this course all about? The goal of this course is to bring you to a place of absolute freedom.

Who should attend inner restoration? Inner restoration is a unique, specially curtailed workshop for those who cannot turn a new chapter, or those who struggle from insomnia, for those who are constantly bombarded by fear, anxiety and worry, for those who have begun to withdraw and isolate themselves, for those who have inhibitions and do not have the joy or the laughter in their life that they used to have when they were young person, for those that can dream again for those that can strive again, this is made specially for you.

There is not another single day for you to wait. Today is your day. Now is your moment to rewrite a new chapter of history of your life. Come and join us in one of these workshops across the world to find renewal, restoration, and empowerment.

Have a wonderful day! God bless you!