Inner Restoration

Using the tool of Inner seeks to go beneath the soil to understand and diagnose your anxiety, fear, anger, and other negative emotions.

Inner restoration is a safe confidential space where every individual can get the help they need. The emotional, mental and spiritual support to thrive and succeed.

Our sessions are design to educate you, identify your individual need enable you to overcome your struggles and fears in a healthy manner.

The Goal of The Inner Restoration

Identifying emotional, mental, and psychological wounds.

The first thing we need to do is identify the problem, and realize the need for inner restoration.

The common symptoms to look for in somebody who has been wounded.

Overly Sensitive: there’s often a sense of inner sensitivity and hurt that doesn’t seem to go away

Constant Irritability: it’s easy to become irritable with others, even if they aren’t doing anything wrong!

Lack of tolerance: there is a low tolerance issue with others, where you expect and demand from them.

Unstable Feelings always rising up: feelings of anger, hate, resentment, at the slightest offense or action from others.

Wounded memory: An event in the past triggers anger, tears and bitter feelings. It’s difficult to let go and difficult to move on.

Unable to turn the page: Harbouring bad memories and feeling. It becomes impossible to love and therefore forgive others. It can also be hard to forgive and love yourself. Anger towards life and injustice.

Difficult to receive love and show love: Unable to comprehend that someone could love you again. There seems to be a wall up that blocks the flow of love into your life.

Outburst of Anger: Actions of outburst becomes easy and common. You may find it easy to lash out at people and situations in an unreasonable or illogical manner.

Isolation and withdrawal: A wounded person ultimately withdraws from people and human contact. This then spirals into a severe mental disorder.

Bipolar disorder: Without receiving proper healing and restoration individuals also develop a split personality. With extreme mood swings.

Suppressing Reality: Escapism from reality can lead to overeating, alcoholism, smoking, porn, spending binges. This addictions can form, and open the door to demonic spirits which makes the addictions virtually impossible to break.

Cutting: a person who is a cutter usually has an alter inside the person who is holding much pain, and needs to release the pain or it honestly feels that it deserves the pain (self-hate/religious bondage).

Revenge and retaliation urges: These urges because of built-up hate and anger as a result of unforgiveness, somebody who has a festering inner wound will find it easy to retaliate or snap back at those who offend them or step on their toes.

Performance driven: Emotionally wounded individuals have an emptiness in their heart. This drives them to find meaning, purpose and happiness through education, careers, financial success, etc. Instead of appreciating and recognising who they already are.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD: It is my belief that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) often involves emotional wounds that were never fully healed. This is especially true with people who have bondages to self-hate, self-resentment, self-unforgiveness, etc.

What Makes Us Unique?

Traditional treatments tend to bury the problem by only giving drugs of temporary solutions to a deep seated problem. With inner restoration we use our unique methods and approach to identify the source of this present state and lead our clients to a place of newness and freedom.

Who Is Inner Restoration For?

Those struggle with symptoms of fear, worry, ongoing sadness, unforgiveness, painful memory. Outburst of anger, low self-esteem, unable to receive or give love, fear of failure or rejection, prisoner of the past, unable to turn the page or move on from previous relationship, insomnia and other emotional and mental conditions.

These are five stages of inner restoration

1. Recognizing & Awareness

Recognize and awareness is the first step to any kind of awakening, problem solving, entering a phase

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2. Releasing the wounds

At this stage a participant will learn to forgive and erase those memories and unpleasant experiences in their life

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3. Confronting and defeating your fears

Most wounded individuals have a victim mentality. At this stage they will learn how to take responsibility to confront, deal and handle present and future circumstance that hurts them

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4. Rebuilding the soul

The center of human decision, desire is the soul. At this fourth stage every participant will learn how to rebuild their mind, will and emotion

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5. Renewing The New You!

At this final stage every individual will strengthen with all the tools necessary to re-enter the community they live in with a new vigor and confidence. Every participant will learn to recognize that they are unique, special and exceptional

The goal of inner restoration is to restore you as a complete and happy individual. That will be no more inhibitions no more fear, no more worry but free to be the total new you.