Workshop Content

1. Your True Personality (Assessment 1)

2. How Does Dopamine Drive Our Behavior?

a. What is dopamine?

b. It’s a cycle of motivation, reward and reinforcement.

c. Increased risk of addiction is within our DNA?

3. The atonement of Christ

a. The Measure of God's Love for His Own Glory

b. We live in a planet that’s under the curse of God.

c. The Necessity of the Atonement

d. Three definitions of sin in the Bible?

e. What did the cross accomplish?

f. Fallen man has no capacity to obey the law of God.

g. 12 Things God Did for Me Through the Death of Christ

4. Self-assessment (Assessment 2)

5. Root cause of inner wounds

a. Healing process in God’s word

b. What causes the roots of bitterness in the soul?

c. How serious can the problem become in one’s life?

d. Roots of Perversion

e. Identifying Emotional Wounds

f. The Three Keys to Bring About Inner Healing

g. Jesus replaces the image in Peter soul.

6. Soul prosperity

a. If we have received every spiritual blessing, where is it?

b. What does it mean for the soul to prosper?

c. Diotrephes was in the church but his soul did not prosper?

d. What is the soul?

e. How does prosperity come to your soul?

f. The Brain's Reticular Activating System

7. Our “Sonship” in God

a. True Sonship versus a counterfeit son?

b. What is Biblical “sonship”

8. Setting spiritual goals (Assessment 3)