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USA - January 13th
Parish Florida

USA Now Conference
January 25th-26th

Canada Ministry
March 7th-11th

USA HMI conference
March 14th-16th

San Diego Ministry
March 17th

Hong Kong / Taiwan HM conference
April 18th-20th

Singapore HBU
April 24th-25th

Jakarta Ministry
April 26th-28th

USA Ministry
May / Ps Jamie

USA - Virginia Beach
Bishop Clarence MacPherson

Florida Christian University,
May 4th (Progression of theAnointing)

Preaching in Orlando
May 5th

Sri Lanka HMI conference
June 6th-8th

Singapore Rock Church/HBU
June 12th-14th

Florida Christian University
July 13th (Working of Miracles)

Preaching in Florida
July 14th

June 20th-24th
Ps Lukas & Indah Yesianto

Ecuador HMI conference
July 25th-27th
Brazil / Colombia

World Harvest - Aug 11th
Apostle Kem Gaskin

North Carolina - Aug 16th-19th
Apostle Kenny Lester, USA

Florida Christian University
Sep 7th (Evangelism 1), USA

Preaching in Orlando
Sep 8th, USA

Europe HMI conference
Sep 19th-21st

Florida Christian University
Oct 5th (Dispensational Study of the Bible)

Preaching in Orlando
Oct 6th

USA HMI conference
October 16-18th

Harvest Bible University
Nov 6-8th

HMI Global Conference
Nov 12th-15th
Jakarta, Indonesia


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